The Kingfisher bird was always imaged as the paragon because they have very keen eyesight, giving them great ability to judge how distant their moving prey is. What truly captures the essence of kingfisher is not only the diverse and multi talented staff within our studio, but also the techniques that we employ. Being creatively driven, every project is met with a blank canvas and heads full of ideas distinct ideas from our team of talents.

CEO & Founder

Islam Brindle

Co. Founder

Hassan Sadek

Digital Director / Partner

John Wageh

Senior Account Manager

Reem Abd El Gawad

PR & Communications Manager

Nancy Hany

Senior Graphic Designer

Waad Elnizamy

Senior Graphic Designer

Sara Azlw

Senior UI / Ux Designer

Adel Ali

Senior Graphic Designer

Marwa Ahmed

Senior Content Creator

Alyaa Sadek

Illustrator / Artist

Mostafa Fouad

Junior Account Executive

Yasmine Ashraf